KC101 – Vocab Section

Does anybody else wish you could grab all those great voice clip’s off of Koreanclass101.com website?  I know since I started using www.koreanclass101.com as the backbone of my korean learning resources that I’ve been wondering how to get those voice clip’s off of the web site so I can put into my SRS deck.  I even searched their forums and found other’s requesting that they make the voice clip’s downloadable….but to no avail.

I’m not sure why in the vocab section of each lesson they don’t have all the vocab for the lesson with a voice clip associated with it (that should be mandatory in my opinion) but for the ones that have voice clip’s I WANT them. I WANT THEM BAD!

There’s been 3 ways I’ve found to date to handle this situation of wanting a voice clip of the vocab so I can make vocab card with sound!

1) TTS Software.  Go to www.ajatt.com and look for Chinese project notes 10.  Here is a current link but you never know when this links die so if it doesn’t work in the future you’ll have to search for the chinese project notes on ajatt yourself.


I went out and got the nextup’s program which is a Text to Speech reader program.  Then I had to get a korean voice which is seperate.  Well that was another 45 bucks at the time of purchase.  I was able to get another korean voice later on but I’ll do a post on the TTS software in general at another time.  I thought this would be the answer to getting my vocab cards to have audio clip’s.  Yes it works but I still find the computer generated voices to be …well too computer’y if that makes sense.

I have it and use it as a last resort when the other 2 methods don’t work to make sure I always get a audio clip when adding vocab from kc101 lessons and now talktomeinkorean.com lessons into my SRS deck.

2) I started using audacity to listen to the podcasts lessons from kc101 and ttmik websites.  That way when I hear a vocab clip that I want I can immediately stop the podcast,  highlight the section that I want and then export out quickly as a mp3.  The audio as it’s played is displayed in audacity with a visual graph so to speak so it’s pretty easy to export a slice of a recording.  Very nice and much better than a TTS generated voice.

3) If I can hear the sound when I click on a button that is displayed on KC101’s website next to a vocab item that is being studied than I should somehow be able to record it ..right?  Well I couldn’t figure out how to do it.  But I still wanted it so I finally stumbled across http://www.totalrecorder.com.   Anything you hear through your headphones can be recorded.  Finally a way to get all those voice clips without too much trouble. 

I’m sure after all this work by me to figure out how to grab voice clip’s from controls on websites that don’t allow you to right click and save somebody will tell me a super SIMPLE way to do it (for free I bet also) but for now at least I have a reliable and easy way to do it………


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