Korean Media

It’s nice to see some blog’s out there of Korean language learners that have some great links which I’ve been spending some time on the weekend to explore.

From one blog alone I was able to find some great stuff.  It’s Matthew’s Korean Study and Reference Guide.  


Since I try only to limit my english based internet usage for a  period of time on a saturday or sunday to pay bills, read ajatt.com, look for some Korean movies, and update this blog for example it was nice to find Matthew’s blog. 

Another great site is  www.yesasia.com which I first read about on ajatt.com and it’s is great because I see they actually have Korean movies with Korean subtitles.  I have not been able to find very many places where I can get those.  If you choose Korean movies from the top menu bar and then look to the left column and find ‘Korean Version’ and click on that link you get a bunch of movies that have both Korean subtitles and english subtitles.

I need to find out where I can get korean dramas with both Korean and English subtitles.  I found http://www.dvdasian.com/ which has a few dramas with both E/K subtitles but I want to get something like the recent ‘High Kick through the Roof’ Korean series with both E/K subtitles.  That series has over 130 episodes and would be great to be able to watch it with Korean subtitles.

I’ve found the www.d-addicts.com forums and another place that has some Korean subtitles that fan’s have made and posted BUT of course I can’t seem to find korean subtitles for the drama’s I like. 

Till next weekend…..keep studying!

4 thoughts on “Korean Media

  1. Yeah, as much as WE Korean learners want them, Korean dramas with Korean subtitles are difficult to find. ㅠㅠ I only found 2 so far: “My Girl” and “Lovers In Paris” (and they are not even my favorites). I just have to get by reading the drama scripts instead of my favorite dramas.

    1. Yeah I agree….Movies are easier but finding a long drama that I like and korean subs would be oh so great!! ‘Giant’ was the last long drama that I loved watching and getting korean subs on that one would be too good.

      1. Thnx! I will check out this weekend. I see on dramafever.com they have a new series ‘History of a salaryman’ starring a number of people from the series ‘Giant’. Checking it out now.

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