SRS Card – Set up

I’ve made a change to how I’ve been making cards that I put into my SRS.  I switched to Anki early on last year from Mnemosyne.  Anki makes it so easy to add stuff into your cards such as audio, picutres, animated gifs, and even video clips that I barely bothered to read about how to do it and I then encountered a problem trying to use cards in production mode rather than just recall mode all the time.

Since I had switched from putting straight sentences into my cards and instead using multimedia elements to make cards use more of your senses such as hearing along with visual imagery the cards became much more effective.

The problem is I had kept the same basic card template model which allowed a user to put as many different items into a single field which Anki called %(Front)s and %(Back)s by default.  So for example I was putting a picture and audio into the %(Front)s field and when I wanted to create a production card I couldn’t because the 2 elements were already in the same field. 

If there is some way to break the pieces apart so I could move stuff  around(take one element out of an existing field) I couldn’t figure it out….SOOOO  I finally started reading the doc on Anki and created a more proper card template.

So now having 5 fields I now have the flexibilty to make cards that can be not just recall mode cards but also production mode cards.  I don’t always use the last field for notes but I figure to put it in there just in case.  Also I’m not sure yet if I will make all my cards with both recall and production  but it’s nice that it’s finally available if I want.

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