Audio Blogs

Speaking of podcasts in my last post I’ve been going through alot of audio blogs over at  I didn’t even really pay attention to them until I read a post over at   Koreanasitis talked about the audio blogs and after reading his post on them I figured I should check out this part of KC101 that I never bothered to look at.

So I logged into and starting looking at them.  They started with Hyunwoo Sun (who has since moved on from KC101 and started his own Korean language learning website talking about various things in Korea such as going to PC 방’s, using the korean subway, fruit vendors, you name it and after going through the first season I really became of fan of this audio blog format. 

Having both Korean and English transcripts along with the audio, having the vocab of many of the words in the lesson on the vocab page with the audio of each vocab entry to boot, having interesting stories to read which at the same time provides a means to present the culture of Korea as one goes through these audio blogs seems to me to be a fantastic tool for the Korean language learner. 

Although the audio blogs appear to be for advanced users I think they are a great tool to learn for any level you may be at.  My wish list for audio blogs if anyone is listening over at KC101 and is the following(hey it’s just a wishlist they don’t have to listen to me):

1) Vocab page with major vocabulary items from the audio blog along with audio entry for each vocab item.  KC101’s got this but….it’s not done that well.  They have numerous vocab on the page but no audio to go along with it or the audio link when you click on it doesn’t work.  Arghh….

Why I am concerned about that if the vocab is in the audio blog itself?  Because many of us use tools like Anki or some other SRS tool for study.  When I go through an audio blog I want to take those vocabulary items and put them into my SRS with the corresponding audio for study.  

2) Although it doesn’t have to be perfect try making the english translation’s a tad better.  I’ve noticed many times the english translation is, how shall I say, not even close to being what’s talked about on the Korean side of the house.  I currently do the following with each audio blog.

After taking the korean script and then putting the english script next to it I then on the last page just copy the vocab page to my clipboard and put onto the word document.   This becomes my reading material that I study during my lunch at work. 

So having good english translations is important to me because I’m a big fan of these parallel bilingual text type study resources.  This is not just an audio blog but it can be made into plain and simple reading material.  Fantastic stuff!

3) The audio blog seems like a great tool not only for advanced learners but for all learner levels.  Take some grammer points of which say you’ve been having lessons and throw them into a audio blog as a review study tool.  An audio blog which comes after a series of lessons seems like a great way to reinforce vocab, review grammer points, be able to read all these wonderful real world korean sentences and learn a thing or two about korea itself.

I’ve asked Hyunwoo if he could please start doing some audio blogs and put out there on but no word yet back.  (Yes I have donated to his site.  I want sites like this to survive and become successful so we all have better korean language learning material).  But till then I hope KC101 continues and improves their audio blogs and starts them up. 

Long live the Audio Blog!

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