I remember awhile back wanting to find korean radio talk shows that I  could put on my iTouch and listen throughout the day.  Although I enjoy Korean music I wanted continuous Korean talking type input and Korea must have talk radio type show’s right?

I was first introduced to Maybee after reading a post over at http://koreanasitis.wordpress.com/.  This woman’s radio show is a pleasure to listen to and provides a steady stream of new listening material. 

Since then I’ve found podcast directories where I could find many other korean podcasts but finding podcasts that were produced on a regular basis and I could just subscribe to them when I found one I liked was difficult.  One podcast was a couple of korean guys talking about stuff but used way too much english and the podcast appeared to be just one podcast and wasn’t updated.

I wanted to find shows that were done on a daily basis or at least during the work week and where you could easily subscribe to them using whatever program you use such as itunes, juice, media monkey.  I’ve been playing with juice and media monkey as I find myself not liking itunes very much.

From this url I’ve finally been able to subscribe to some other great shows.  http://danpod.kangjang.net/tc/1  It has the links to Maybee but also to some other shows that you might find interesting. 

My second favorite podcast at the moment behind Maybee’s podcasts are this comedy duo.  The show is updated on a daily basis during the week and sometimes on the weekend also.  Very enjoyable to listen too. 


Have fun listening…………..


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