My Boss My Hero

I’m working at home today on a Friday and have been spending a little time (ok maybe more than a little but my boss doesn’t even know I’m studying korean let alone know about this blog which is why he is my hero as the title of this post so clearly indicates) watching some korean programs.

The english names of many of the korean movies and drama’s that I have watched don’t translate well into english and going by the english name of the movie or drama in question doesn’t always work well in determining whether you may or may like something. (Yes I had been that shallow in the past!)   The past few years I have found pockets here and there on the internet to get korean media and when scanning quickly through the english names of the content I have missed or taken too long to watch some programming that is very enjoyable.

I don’t remember the exact time period I actually watched the movie ‘My Boss, My Hero (2001) ‘ but I had known about it for a period of time.  The english name of this movie sounded very lame to me and everytime I saw it immediately just skipped over it.  Well as what usually happens during dry spell’s of finding new content to watch I finally read the synopsis of the movie which said it was a comedy about a mob boss who hadn’t completed high school so the big boss was sending him back to finish out high school.  Wow that sounded interesting(at least from a male’s point of view).  What had I waited so long for!

Between this movie and it’s sequel ‘My Boss My Student (2006)’ these 2 are the one’s I have watched the most.  When you can find the drama’s or movies you enjoy and can watch again and again they are definitely keepers.

Now only if I could find these 2 movies with korean subtitles I will have hit the jackpot.  That was awhile back and I have since learned to care less about movie title names but if I get ahold of something I try watching it and see if I like it.  Simple as that.  Go through as much content as possible knowing full well you may not like a good portion of it.  AJATT 101 advice.

I didn’t have the famous catch line from this movie memorized on my last trip to korea so I can’t wait till my next meeting with my Korean brothers and as we are all drunk from soju I can finally give them the advice that I’ve been waiting for oh so long to give them…..

“두목과 스승과 아버지는 하나다”




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