Korean Sentence Pack

How jealous I get at times when I read ajatt.com and other japanese learning websites.  After the ajatt.com explosion the japanese language learning community seem to have all these great tools and resouces to learn japanese. 

Why am I looking at japanese language learning sites if I’m learning korean?  To see the techniques they use to learn the japanese language of course.  They have a much bigger community at least for now on language learning so I read sites like www.ajatt.com and http://forum.koohii.com

But when I read their forums I do get jealous of the additional resouces they have in their language learning endeavors.  I mean Khatzumoto from ajatt.com even created a japanese learning sentence pack that one could put into their SRS for study.  Ahhhh if only we had similar products.

Well I got the message last Thursday that my favoriate up and coming korean language learning website www.talktomeinkorean.com had put out a Korean movie phrase pack.

They went through 10 of the most popular Korean movies that were released in 2009 and selected 200 expressions that they thought  worth practicing with.  Wow our own sentence pack so to speak!!!  It’s in their store section and only costs 4 bucks.  Well worth it as I’m always on the lookout for real life conversations that I can study as opposed to made up conversions in books.  It’s just the sentences they picked grouped into blocks of 3 that have similar themes,  whether it’s a casual sentence and the english translation in a pdf format.  They also have a seperate mp3 file with the actual audio they provide of the sentences they pick that follows the pdf. 

I’ve already purchased (you have to know how to use paypal to buy) and  I’m spending some time (copy, paste , export mp3 selection, copy paste, export mp3 selection…..) this morning splitting up the phrases from the pdf and the actual audio they provide of every sentence and it’s english translation into my SRS deck.

Please may we have another Hyunwoo!!  Great stuff!


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