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Well it’s friday and I decided to get a head start and post to my blog now before the weekend starts.  This means my weekly search of the other blogs I look at and the forums to see if there’s some miracle learning method finally discovered that will have me speaking Korean in only 10 minutes a day of studying.  Pimsleur you say….don’t get me started. had a post on the hodgepodge method of language learning which is how I see my study methodology at the moment. is now taking votes to put up the next language they will offer over at  I tried using the site after reading the post on on how to use lingq to learn korean.  I didn’t really find it that helpful to me at least and looking at the forum on the site and seeing koreanasitis asking when korean is going to be officially available on lingq site and seeing answers waffling back and forth saying soon and then saying it’s not that easy to getting korean on there back to next month it will be out there to hey we have a business to run and can’t get korean out there for whatever reason…blah blah blah.  If you’re interested go vote if you want to see korean on  But since some of the post’s on their forum go back over 2 years saying korean will be on the site shortly I’m not holding my breath….Yeah who am I kidding.  I’ll be one of the first people to sign up if they start offering korean : ) had a nice find on 

website. it provides learning materials for korean’s wanting to learn/improve their english.  But since they have both korean and english texts of the articles I see a bunch of parallel bi-lingual texts being made by me for my lunch time readings.  They had audio in english but if they had the korean audio also a goldmine would have been struck as there are something like 400 plus articles out there but hey that’s a lot of good reading material I plan on going through.

I live in the greater metropolitain area of Chicago.  Occasionaly in the past for some of Korean movies that were big hits in korea they would play them down at the amc theater at River East in Chicago.  But now some korean movies are being played at Northbrook court which is north of chicago.  This website has links to US movies theaters that play korean movies in certain US states with a place here in the chicagoland area.  Check it out.

The wife found this website in the one korean newspapers she reads so we went to see Haeundae awhile back over at northbrook court theaters and I was super excited to see this huge korean blockbuster first hand on the big screen.

Come on.  Am I the only one that thought this movie su@&#d?  Wow I wanted to walk out half way through it. I thought it was some of the worst acting I’ve watched.  But since we drove all that way and maybe thinking I was being too critical I sat there trying to get into it but it was the korean movie I was most excited to see with all the hype around it to thinking what a piece of …..well you get my thoughts on it.  I did ask the wife what she thought before telling her what I thought as we walked out.  ‘Well ….it was ok’….. is what she said.  I said ‘Wait that means you didn’t really like it either’.  She preceded to start her next sentence with ‘Well…’ again to which I thought yeah I guess I’m the only one that’s going to say it aloud what I really thought of the movie…LOL.  If you liked it hey to each their own.

We’ve missed a few other movies that sounded interesting over at Northbrook court since but up next is:

I’m trying to not get excited to see this movie….maybe then I’ll end up liking the second korean movie that we go see at Northbrook court here in Chicagoland!  

Till next week…..

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