When I finally started researching ‘how’ to learn a second language after my last trip to korean in the summer of 2009 I stumbled across http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/forum/default.asp and started reading this forum which has a bunch of language learners and ‘stuff’ related to language learning.  At times there were arguments going around that seemed I don’t know ‘childish’ on learning techniques such as a controversial method introduced by somebody called the L-R method.  You can go over there and read about it all you want but one great piece of value I picked up from the site was a individual who kept a log there on his Korean language learning activities.  WOW!!!  That’s the language I’m studying I thought!  There weren’t many blogs of individuals who were learning korean and KEPT learning korean and KEPT posting that I could find but here was one to have the determination to see it through!!!

I have since stopped reading HTLAL.com on any regular basis on the weekend but it was a needed step in the language learning process.  I have since found other forums that ‘I’ think are more useful but that is purely my opinion but am glad to have found http://www.koreaninkuwait.com/ because of HTLAL.com

The individual at http://www.koreaninkuwait.com/ goes by the name GoldFibre and intially kept a log at HTLAL.com but instead stopped and moved it over to this website instead. 

I’ve been noticing on his site that he’s starting to really post more and more articles on how he learns korean and not just posting his stats of what’s he done for example and I’ve been paying ALOT more attention to his site because of this. 

He’s a accomplished alot in a short period of time and in terms of us korean language learners his site is worth tracking. 

Ok gotta go I’m reading GoldFibre’s latest post before I go to bed tonight.


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