Weekly Search

Well off to a late start this weekend of my internet search of all things related to language learning or at least of the items that I have bookmarked up till this point.  I had to do a little housekeeping and organize all my links since I had just up to this point just book marked something when I found it and up till now it was a jumbled mess.

That’s taken care of.  A bit quiet on the blogs that I track but that must be because of last Thursday and everbody getting their taxes done.  I’m sure I’m not alone in waiting till the last minute even though every year I tell myself I’m going to get it done in advance…..ummm I never seem to reach that goal.

ajatt.com went to a commercial model it seems.  The guide and previous materials are still there but I guess there’s now a pay section with forum and other materials.  I have the motivation and that site can kick start your motivation for learning a language like no other but in terms of technique’s it doesn’t provide much further in my way of value. 

I wish ajatt would go more in depth(yes more in depth)….like how in the world can someone actually input 50 – 100 sentences a day and then survive SRS hell…LOL. 

I’ve been reading the thread over at http://forum.koohii.com/viewtopic.php?id=4807.  Interesting thoughts on the antimoon sentence method and different viewpoints.  I too have come to the conclusion to keep a vocab deck as well as a sentence deck but the sentence deck is at the moment very small in terms of inputing.  I am currently just cherry picking sentences that I think will be of some value in terms of grammer or such.

http://www.dabdate.com/ is a website of various korean tv stations.  I saw this link on www.koreaninkuwait.com.  Very nice as I’ve never run across this site before.

Some stuff I found while organizing my korean language learning url’s today I found I had this book marked.  http://joongangdaily.joins.com/article/list.asp?cat_code=060201.  Clicking on any of the daily articles provides both english and korean text.  Plus it’s updated everyday so I’ve found some additional reading material. 

I remembered that little vote they have going to see which language they’re going to add next over at lingq.com.  What a joke that site is.  “We are going to add languages to LingQ, but we will do so at a leisurely pace” is the quote they have.  Yeah I guess you can’t get more leisurely than 3 years before adding korean which is how far back I believe they have people in their forums asking for korean to be added.  But alot of people love that site and I of course would try it out once korean is offically added well that is if it’s ever added in my lifetime.  I went to check to see how the voting is going and it seems to be a neck and neck tie at the moment between Cantonese and Korean for most votes so click on the link below to vote for korean if you wish to see it added to lingq.com.


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