Benny the Irish Polyglot

I came across Benny’s website after seeing a post on about some argument on language learning methods they had with Benny’s techniques.  I’ve been reading some of Benny’s posts and this week he posted a huge and detailed review of  Very nice as he said many things I thought of lingq’s site after I had tried it.  You want a detailed review of lingq then head over to and read it. 

I’ll be reading some of his other posts.  I don’t believe the website name that it’s actually possible to be fluent in 3 months but I think he’s using that to shake things up.  At least in reading his review on lingq and the comments by users and then going over to lingq and reading the threads today on Benny’s reviews he sure is stirring the pot so to speak.  But I like his style and we’ll see if I can gather any techniques from his website that I can use.


2 thoughts on “Benny the Irish Polyglot

  1. Thanks for the link love 😉
    Glad you like my style! I like to be ambitious, but it seems in just doing that I am indeed unintentionally “stirring the pot”! Pity, I’d prefer to get along with everyone, but you can see in Lingq’s forum that it’s not going to happen any time soon 😛

    1. Benny I for one loved the independent and extremely detailed review of lingq and am reading some of your other posts. Many of us Korean language learners have been waiting for lingq to have Korean offered so as to at least have another korean language learning resource. The pickings for us is much smaller than other language learning communities but I hope that changes this year. Korean language learning is picking up steam and as people see what a advanced alphabet it has and what a beautiful language it is more and more will start to learn it…but as always the question is how to learn it or how to learn any language and that’s why I appreciate sites like yours that are after techniques that help someone reach fluency as quickly as possible. If that ‘stir’s the pot’ that’s too bad.

      I have also signed up for your Language Hacking League email list earlier. Looking forward to seeing if I can gather any useful techniques from it. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading more at your site!

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