Korean Word of the Day and other stuff

I know there’s different word of the day sites and I’ve seen some for korean but I stumbled across http://koreanwordoftheday.blogspot.com/ from talktomeinkorean.com.  I didn’t see any link to this on their main site but stumbled across it from somewhere else and saw they started this up at the beginning of April.  They provide a word, audio, sample sentence and the audio for that sentence also.  The english meanings for the word and the sentence are provided also. Go check it out and see if you like it.

On another note I had to drive the wife last night to the korean section of Chicago which is on the north side.  Living in the Chicagoland area it amazes me how many korean establishments there are…which is a good thing.  As we drove after she did what she needed to do I saw a korean bookstore and we stopped in.  I’ve been looking for a bookstore in chicago that has a selection of korean magazines.  Haven’t found one yet…well haven’t found one that has stuff I’m looking for.  Magazines like the Korean Maxim or Time.  There has to somewhere in Chicago that has them.  I picked up a bunch of korean magazines at the airport on our flight back from Korea last summer.  Maxim magazine is great…yes pretty Korean girls help but all the great small articles which I practice reading I need to find a way to get this on a monthly basis.  Fun, interesting stuff that keeps your attention is the way to go.

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