Korean Online video with Korean Transcripts

I spent some time looking for links that have both korean video and the korean transcripts to go with it.  I wanted something that is updated daily, had reliable video and that I could download the video clip and print out the text.

http://hangukdrama.wordpress.com/ had a post on using this technique for watching entertainment news awhile back.  The only problem was the link she provided didn’t work anymore and I couldn’t find the great viewer she described in her post.  I poked around this weekend on the site and found video and the text to go with it…..got excited….but then noticed a huge problem. 

Video would start….buffer a bit…play for a sec…buffer some more and play for a few seconds…buffer some more…and then play and repeat this a dozen more times and you get the idea.  The video didn’t seem to cache itself and attempts to download, preload the cache with the video…nothing seemed to work.  I hate sites that have online video that doesn’t stream nicely………Arghhhhhhhhhh!  Check out the link below though for your own reference.


From koreaninkuwait.com’s post on watching the weather report on a daily basis I went back to his post and found the link – http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=tvh&sid1=288&oid=055&aid=0000178338.  From there I was able to find the daily weather video’s and they all had the korean transcripts to go with it.  And yes I have to agree with his assessment that it’s very easy to watch these weather reports with the extremely beautiful weather girls they have.

Also http://imnews.imbc.com has a ton of video with korean transcripts.  Here’s an example – http://imnews.imbc.com/replay/nwtoday/article/2616034_5782.html.  I haven’t found entertainment news yet on the site but otherwise it’s a good source if you want korean video and it’s text to follow along with.  I was also able to download the video from this site.  Plus you get updated content on a daily basis so boredom doesn’t set in. 

Both of these sites I found the video to be reliable, downloadable, and each had the korean text to go along with each story or weather report.  I guess that’s good enough for me now.

Till next week………


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