Lingq – Korean – New Vote

I received an email from a person I took a korean class with today that I occasionally keep in contact with.  It seems over at Lingq they have a 3rd vote going on to get a new language added.  Yes I’ve just checked the site and it’s the 3rd revision or whatever you would call it in terms of a online vote to see what language is added next.

I read through many of the posts and it seems some user that wants cantonese stuffed the ballot box with thousands of votes!!!!  Wow.  The voting over there is just laughable.  Details on how to vote multiple times and even how to automate it with macros are right there in the comment’s section….LOL.  I can’t believe it it’s so funny.

They seem to be having trouble with the concept of getting a online vote where it’s not so easy to keep on voting multiple times!!!!  I can’t even vote more than once on the polls so I don’t know what the problem is there.

But as I’ve stated before even though I have not been impressed at all with lingq without it being officially supported, I of course want more korean language resource options out there for us so I have gone to the site and voted once again and once from the office : )  If you like lingq or want more korean language learning options for us then go to the link below and vote.  They also said it would help to post a comment that you want korean just in case this vote is also compromised…..LOL!!!!!  But hey I know has been waiting years to get a ton of content published out there so I can’t wait to see all of it so go and vote for Korean already!!!!


Blog Post:—a-new-poll.html


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