6 Months

Hmmm…it’s been a solid 6 months of what I would think would be hard core studying.  I’ve been spending alot of time this weekend looking at how to make the next 6 months more productive.

I feel I’ve made more mistakes than can be counted the last 6 months but in this endeavor you have to keep moving forward.  I’ve found some good resources, saw resources drop off (it’s a shame korean doesn’t have the massive resource power of say people learning japanese), kept changing strategy based of my own take on things and here I am.  Almost June and I feel I could have done so much better.  Arghhhhhhhhh.

Well I don’t have much to write down in terms of stats or such but I am trying to modify my learning strategy to make this next 6 months the best they can be….or make it alot better than the last 6 months…ok how about just marginally better….no….ok I’ll shut up now on this matter.

It looks like with the lingq vote going on we’ll have lingq adding korean in the next week or so.  With the huge lead korean has over there…it’s like over a 300 vote lead there’s no way any of the other languages could over take korean in just a week left.  Very curious if what many people say about lingq being a great resource will be true or not…but I’m looking forward to seeing what they have once korean gets added.  Just another week to go!

I see talktomeinkorean.com and some of the other sites I visit have the vote button on their sites for some http://www.lexiophiles.com/ vote on the best language learning blogs.  I checked talktomeinkorean.com in the vote and see they are right near the top in their catagory.  Hat’s off to Hyunwoo for making that site into a near powerhouse in korean language learning in such a short period of time.  What happened KC101.com?   By this time next year if they keep it up they will surely be the best korean language learning resource out there.  He keeps coming up with great new pieces that I’ve been coming to love.  Hopefully this continues and he finds a way to keep that site growing and becoming even better which I’m sure he will.  I’ve voted for his site and in another catagory voted for a couple of others including koreanasitis’s blog. 

Korean language learning’s time has come!!!!  Japanese language learners…come on you guys have enough already..lol


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