Talk to me in Korean @ com

Most of the sites I check on concerning language learning have had the vote banner on their website for best blog through some site called for the last week or so.  I guess the results were put out today and in reading them was suprised big time!

Low and behold who get’s the very top spot…  Wow!!!!!!!!!  I knew that 2010 things were going to start improving for korean language learners and that the community and people that wanted to learn the language were growing and hopefully at some point surpass the japanese language learning community and…..all right we’ll calm down a bit and not get ahead of ourselfs.

But it was a great sign to see Hyunwoo’s site take the top spot and after only around 6 months of existence.  But as many who now go to know they are providing great material and unique pieces such as discussions done in simpler korean with the korean transcript, short videos with a similar concept with once again korean transcript.  I hope they continue to come up with great new content and also the innovation of materials that they are trying to do.  Excellent job guys!!!!

Maybe if the lingq vote goes for korean also which is ending this upcoming tuesday there could be some crossover between lingq and ttmik sites at least in terms of content being provided and imported into lingq’s site for korean language learners.  That vote does not appear to have been tainted yet with ballot stuffers and korean has a huge lead this friday of almost 400 votes….but it’s memorial day weekend so we’ll see if the numbers change drastically over the weekend.  Good luck korean in the vote over at!

Headed to a korean bookstore tomorrow with the wife that we haven’t been to before.  It’s the biggest one she could find here in the chicagoland area but up to this point that wouldn’t be to hard to beat.  We shall see if it’s any good. 

Hmmmm….that’s it for now.  The next 6 months of korean language learning is about to start next week for me so I have to spend some time this weekend getting some new reading materials and other stuff.  Was also looking at the new anki iphone/itouch app but the first iteration doesn’t even have sound support so we will wait and see how that app goes.  It would be really great if I could get a reliable method of doing SRS’ing from my itouch…..

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