Walking the Path

Wow almost forgot I have to write things in my blog to record this journey.    Lingq added korean, koreanasitis is helping add content to lingq’s library, talktomeinkorean is adding another level and I haven’t decided if I’m going to renew over at koreanclass101.com.

kc101 audio blogs, some of the newer staff members, and other factor’s…..I’m not sure they’re worth it anymore but my subscription came up at the end of July and I’m still pondering whether I’ll continue to use them.

Thinking of getting the official anki app for my itouch but I need to see if you can sync your data first from your computer to the itouch without having to put your content first on another server to download from there.  Why this wasn’t the case from day one with the app I’ll never know.

Downloading Lifting King Kong now.  Hopefully will be done by tomorrow.  I like the one actor in there.

Ok that’s it for now.   Back to watching a korean movie about Grandma criminal’s.  What was that name of the movie again.  I don’t know.  I just started watching it.  Hopefully it’s good!


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