Tantv – Good bye

Awhile back we got Tantv to watch korean tv.  Tantv was a satellite provider of korean content and provided sbs, kbs, mbc, ytn and ebs.  Not too bad and the price wasn’t bad.  Then what up and happens well I’m still not sure if they’re being bought out by directv or just folding operations and cut a deal to try and get their user base to sign up with directv.  Either way directv doesn’t have all the stations tantv did and it costs a heck of alot more.  Arghhhh. 

This sept is the last month for tantv.  Sad to see them go.  I looked at the directv which I had some years ago but I’m not going with this package they have.  I’m looking again at some other’s and possible iptv.  Iptv which is television through the internet hasn’t gone smoothly the last couple of years but the wife pointed out advertisments for www.oknet.tv.  I’m checking them out.

On another note I’ve noticed many of the blog’s this past summer that I’ve checked in usually on a weekly basis seemed to have dried up.  Seems they all were busy blogging away for I’m guessing that contest of best language blog by  Lexiophiles.com.  Now that the contest for 2010 is over alot of them stopped blogging.   Not all that I check but enough for me to notice that pattern.

I also reimaged my computer with windows 7 and am trying to get all mystuff back on it.  A new video card plus a 23 inch lcd monitor helped round out the upgrade I’ve put into my computer in the last week.  I kept my other 19 inch monitor and now have dual monitor’s.  Sweet!

Now I have to find all those podcasts I had subscribed to.  Gotta go bye!


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