Lingq – Korean

Another topic this bright and sunny weekend morning here in the states I wonder if it’s just me but if other’s were excited about the prospect of lingq having korean officially supposted.  Koreanasitis’s web site first introduced me to and I tried it out.  Very hard for a newbie that didn’t have beginner content to put into their ‘system’ to begin with.  As I’ve moved up ladder (well maybe moving up one rung of the korean language learning ladder let’s be honest) I have tried their system now that korean is officially added and to my disappointment I have to say I don’t find it much better.

I had my doubts as I saw how the site was run and the system’s creator Steve somebody …can’t remember his last name.  But the site from my perspective is horrible.  When the running debates(well I’ll call them debates) I read in the forum’s brought alot of smiles to my face for the amusement it brought to me but I see these guys wanting to get paid for their site but on the flip side they do nothing to provide content.  Hmmmm  goood business model.  The korean content is a mess just dumped into different sections on the site and doesn’t seem to line up with their concept of moving up in step’s in language learning.  Also looking at alot of the content guess what.  It’s from since they provide their content for free.  The site from my attempt’s to use it is SLOWWWWW which basically gives you bad feeling’s as you yell at it trying to upload a document, download audio for a lesson, etc etc.  In reading the forums they always say they’re doing a patch that should fix things but the problems in the forums go way back and I haven’t noticed an improvement from my end. did mention in their forums of a person providing blog’s with korean transcripts –  She calls herself bang bang and I’m starting to check these out.  I do see these blog’s on lingq also but the only thing I can see lingq offering is that ability to read a ‘content’ of some type and the system tries to help you out with a meaning – jeezzz there’s plenty of plug-in’s for firefox that do the same thing and ling’q ability to remember when you mark a word as learned and then when you import something new it will try and highlight words you already know as knowing.  Again very weak since words have different ending’s all the time and when the site is slow and the user get’s upset using it as I did I’m not sure what the big fuss is from certain group’s saying how great lingq is.  I couldn’t care one way or another but my attempt’s at using lingq have been futile and I’m only going to keep on eye on it to see if there’s any new content is added that might be of value for me to use.

In reading on how to learn a foreign language forum about a system that highlights sentences of a story as you listen to the corresponding audio that one of the member’s had developed… that sounded hot.  I looked at the sample video and it looked promising.  There’s a how to on how to make how own content but it looks a alittle complex so it will have to wait for me to try and comprehend and try it out.  The current library they have has no korean content as expected but I may give it a shot one day.

Lingq should hire these guys and they may have something I would want to pay a monthly fee for.  On the flip side where has been up since the beginning of the year, won the best language learning site from ranking organization and provides all their lesson’s for free I hope they are making money to stay in business.  They still only have 6 or so items for sale in their store and I just purchased 2 audio books they made this weekend.  Very reasonable price and I have a surplus in my paypal account.  I hope these guys keep it up and find a way to keep alive as they seem to be the central player’s now in the very empty korean language resource learning universe.  But the stuff they are doing has been fantastic up to this point and they’re showing other’s how to do it right. 

Keep up the good job  We need sites like your’s to help us learn korean!

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