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I always complain about it on other sites and isn’t it great when it comes to your own sites.  Some links seem to be broken or not working.  Seems kbs in korea is locking down on some of it’s content including the great podcasts that I always enjoyed listening to from Maybee.  Not sure if you can sign up at kbs website and download the podcasts are there or not.  I really need to get the wife up to speed on technology so she can help me figure these type of things out.  For now I lost a few podcasts that I listened to while driving on a daily basis….but still have a few others but as you can guess not my ‘favorite ones’!  looks pretty good but I’m going to hold off on the 35 a month price tag for now.  I have the one url link found from web site – and now that as of last month I took the plunge and bought a second monitor to put on my desk I can have one monitor set either running korean movies or streamed tv from this website. has some awesome prices on monitors and where I live I’m within driving distance of an outlet store.  I love this new 23 inch lcd monitor.  Put the older 19 inch to the side of the desk and will run korean content on there as I work on the main monitor.

Checked out new host and content and as sad as it is for me to say I don’t like it.  The new host’s voice doesn’t do well in podcasts not sure how to describe it but after listening to a couple of the new lessons and audio blogs which I’m more interested in I have to say I’m going to take a pass.  I guess my voice wouldn’t carry over well as being a vocal lead in podcast recording’s but then again I’m not charging people to pay to listen to it either.  It’s sad since some of the great vocal talent they had have since moved on but they haven’t been able to replace them with anybody of equal status.  Also the new host is only working on absolute beginner series season 2 and audio blogs.  kc101’s problem is one of they don’t need to constantly push out content for sake of content but reorganize all the confusing beginning level’s.  

Now on their side as of the last few week’s a major overhaul of the design of the site has occured and they tried to tell you which series to go down based on your level I don’t think it helps.  They have too much content at the absolute beginner level and not enough going up from beginner itermediate to itermidate and beyond.  They have some mind you but some of the audio blog seasons have ….well let’s just say they are down right bad.  And they  don’t seem to be producing any new lessons for intermediate or advanced since I don’t know when.

My take and it’s only my take is they need a complete overhaul of all those beginner level’s which I say loosely as they have newbie level, beginner level , and absolute beginner level and of course each one has ton’s of lessons in each of it’s seasons.  Why am I thinking that’s not a good thing.  Well for one thing duplication.  If you want to get a newbie up and running there should be a beginner level and after that move on to the next level…not have all these level’s which I tried to go though most of them and just got burnt out.  Some better vocal talent would help out tremendously also!!!!  Hey it is a podcast and you have to listen to these people alot so at least the voices should be listenable. 

I will not be continuing with but there still might be value for someone just starting out.    Log on and listen to some of the content to see if you like it or not and consider joining if you think it will be a benefit.   Personally with all the beginner content they already have I was hoping they could just clean it up and start work on beginner intermediate and above but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


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