I’ve gone back and forth with anki as a study tool and previously I’ve did the practice of jail breaking my Itouch device to get ankimini running but it was awkward, it didn’t scale images well as I use alot of images in my srs decks and it quickly fell out of favor.

The new ipod version of anki that the author has been developing is much nicer but it didn’t handle syncing of media directly which I found extremely annoying!  So much so I didn’t even bother with the program…that is till version 1.5 came out with local syncing capabilities.

I can’t say it’s the easiest or best way to sync data BUT it works and after a bit of playing with it found it to be ‘good enough’.

Read about the latest version in the link above but what I like most about it is even though syncing could/should/please be as simple as clicking the sync button is that syncing is now possible in a manner that makes more sense for srs users that like to use audio/images and even some video now and then in their decks instead of having your media uploaded on a site like dropbox or whatever.

Since I all but gave up on using anki altogether as it seemed I had been spending large chucks of time after work doing all my reps that I felt tired in also learning new stuff and doing the thing’s I should be doing(or what I think I should be doing…which changes on a near weekly basis).  Now being able to have my decks on my itouch and being able to use all those moments during the day to do rep’s I’m giving anki a try again.

It’s 25 bucks or so but all the updates are free after that and coming home after work and not having hundreds of reps waiting for me I’m excited to be using this new version of anki on my itouch!


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