Korean Movie Wallpaper

Argghhhh…..I had issues with my main audio problems like Total Recorder and textaloud not working and finally just reimaged my computer once again.  It’s been a long Sunday getting everything back on the computer but I like Windows 7 ultimate with it’s ability to switch from the english interface and then switch to korean.

Very nice feature!  So with this latest reimage which just occured after only a couple of weeks since I put windows 7 ultimate onto my computer after switching back from another os I have to stop this os switching madness!

So after getting bulk of everything installed and making sure everything is working I decided to find some korean themed wallpaper.   I also now have dual monitors so it was important to have something korean based on my desktop background and after a quick google(no not naver) search I found


which has some nice korean movie based wallpaper available for free download and in various sizes to boot.  Very nice site.  Now for which one to choose ……

Well the above is my choice at least for now!  Now back to studying korean……………

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