I was only able to get my hands on about the first 12 episodes of High Kick through the Roof from some very kind relatives in korea while the series was being aired awhile back but now that www.dramafever.com has it as one of the series on their website I’ve been on a tear watching them this past week.

You have to put up with 3 or so commercials unless you get some kind of paid subscription but they’re short.  Now with 2 monitors watching a series on dramafever is really convenient.  It would nice if they had korean commercials and then I might be interested but their commercials are only a few and I can’t seem for the life of me understand what the heck the dovemoment commercials are all about! 

The quality of the drama’s compared to mysoju.com is like night and day.  Much higher quality and you don’t have to click through 6-10 seperate links to watch one episode for example like as in mysoju.com’s content.  Dramafever seems to be adding more and more korean content so it’s a good bookmark to keep around.

Now how about adding some korean commercials so I actually pay attention during commercial breaks!


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