ITouch – Anki

Well it’s been a bit but after using anki on my itouch now for awhile(even though the syncing of media content is still something that could be improved on) I find it great.  I basically do no reviews at home anymore(yeah  I still have to make cards on my home pc) and that’s great!!! 

It’s so much nicer and easier I think doing srs reviews out and about during your day.  I find during lunchtime at work a great time to knock them out as it’s a welcome relief than focusing on work itself.  The app is something you should check out if you use anki.  It’s 25 bucks but it’s a small price for all the work the developer puts into the app.

Now I have to get back to  After watching the videos on youtube by nukemarine on how to use the site to improve your japanese( just switch to korean content which is also out there) I find the site really helpful since losing tan tv.

I didn’t want to get directv as the total cost was going to be more than what I was paying monthly for tan tv and I never pulled the trigger on some other options I was investigating.  But is helping fill that void.


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