Movies…Movies…and more Movies

So not being able to surf fluently in korean yet has it’s toll in finding content to watch.  I get help somewhat from the korean wife and some wonderful korean family members but I have to admit I’m picky about what I like to watch.  Although I try alot of different stuff the majority rarely get past episode 1 (of drama’s) or 20-30 minutes of a movie. is a godsend of korean drama’s which I watch alot but with stuff running all the time on my tv or computer it seems like I’m always out of content. was a nice resource for awhile to download and watch movies but the site hasn’t added new content since the beginning of the year.

The other day I ran across a site which is a treasure of new movies I hadn’t even heard or watched.  Along with another site I seem to be in a period of watching alot of movies lately.  I can’t say I liked most of them but every once in awhile you hit the jackpot.  Then it’s off to to see if I can buy a dvd of it.

Right now I’m downloading the 3rd installment of ‘my boss my hero’ which I found on and I have my fingers crossed it will be as good as the first two but since it’s an all different cast I’m not confident it will.




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