2011 – Coming to terms with the enemy…

Well it was a tough 2010 for me learning korean.  I made more mistakes than I could count and my desire to learn korean was certainly tested more than once.  But I feel I had to come to terms with some things if I was going to succeed.  It was probably the one thing I wanted to avoid at all costs as it certainly was one of the main things that could put me to sleep faster than anything……that would be GRAMMAR!!!

“This topic will be on the first declarative demonstrative pronoun usage in the 3 rd voice but remember it has an irregular conjegation when used with descriptive verbs and if you try to use this pattern on the 4th day of the month so please review the detailed table of this pattern in the appendix on page 454.” or so every page I would read in a korean language book seemed.

ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! I couldn’t even understand grammar when I was in grade school.  I’m not sure if I could give a basic description that wouldn’t make people laugh of even what a noun or verb is.  I remember to this day when we learned in grade school that we would be getting a new class called ‘english’.  I still remember laughing at that young age think why would we need a class on english since we all spoke it already!!!  Well it was grammer that would be a teaching I till this day don’t like it.

I liked the camp’s of language learners that put off grammar and ajatt’s site where you could learn grammar naturally as you gathered sentences but after a year of I feel little progress I felt I had to make peace with this arch enemy if I was going to succeed.  I know ajatt and some other’s propose learning some basic grammar such as particle and such but where was I too get this basic grammer?  and don’t say there’s plenty of books for which there is but I couldn’t ever finish the first page of them without throwing them to the side.  and think also for koreanclass101 I was put off the first time I went though the beginner series because Keith from there would talk in that linguist style which I think is only good if you are a academic who wants to throw around big fancy terms but really has no place in language learning.

Talktomeinkorean.com started up late 2009 and was able to get in a whole year’s worth of material.  Hyunwoo Sun who worked kc101 for awhile and then started up his own korean language learning site I think has it right.  He sometimes in the lesson’s brings up a linguist term BUT for the most part does lessons on particles and sentence patterns that you will be learning.  He’s light on the linguist terms and more on this will be a lesson on how to say we want something…here is the most common sentence pattern for saying something will happen in the future.

I don’t know but when you start talking like that and then keeping things in perspective of patterns and such it’s not so bad this thing called grammer.  So it got me motivated to shake things up and now I’m a sentence pattern detective.  Not that I’m going to be able to effectively break down every sentence I come across or should I but keeping this perspective I feel for the first time that I am making progress.  I couldn’t believe how bad my foundation was that I couldn’t pick up that well the past tense sentences.  Some basic words I had no idea what they were because when they were changed due to conjugation I didn’t understand.  So I guess my purpose is not to build up a grammer filter through which all the korean I read and hears goes through as stephen krashen warns against but to build that understanding of content which I feel has not been there for me in 2010….or should I say most of 2010 as I started this new peace with grammar a few months ago.

Next post is how I currently am doing my korean studies…..


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