Building the foundation

Ok I renewed my subscription for and I love web site.  I bought a few items over christmas from and I hope they have a great 2011.  These 2 sites are my only sources of korean language learning for now.  End of story.  That’s it.  I started at a break neck pace going though the beginner level series at kc101 and basically pick out info on particles and sentence patterns.

It’s going very well at the moment.  I just basically skip the verbage on complex grammar details and go for more of the heart of what’s trying to be conveyed.  I have started a sentence pattern word doc where I basically created a basic template where I will list the particle or pattern.  The meaning, construction, some example sentences and a notes section.  Since anki let’s you create tags so easily each particle or pattern I put in my word doc is crossed referenced to my anki deck.

In anki I have 3 decks.  A vocab deck, a grammar deck and a sentence deck.  Currently the vocab deck is the largest.  Next is the grammar deck where I will put a few example sentences of either the particle or sentence pattern I’m learning into that deck.  The 3rd deck is for sentences as I see fit to add and right now if barely over 50 sentences.  I’m after the particles and sentence patterns at the moment and when I get my base stronger than I’m going to get back into other activities.

My itouch with the anki app has been the greatest thing in the world for doing my reviews away from the house.  It works very well and I basically now do no reviews at night when I come home.  It’s been great!  I can now review stuff in the morning while getting coffee, at lunch time at work, whereever….

All my cards have audio and a picture.  Since I listen to the podcasts from and in audacity its very easy to export whatever sentence or word I want and put into a card.  It’s still more work than most but that it’s worth it.  Cross referencing a sentence pattern on the card with why I’m learning it has made reviews in my opinion much more productive.

And since I spending the time going back into kc101 series Im taking each dialog for the lesson and putting them into one large folder to create a more comprehensible input language environment that I will listen to at different times during the day.  Other times while I’m at work I still have korean entertainment podcasts that I have subscribled though itunes that I use to block out noise around me.

Once I get though the entire beginner’s series from kc101 and finish going through lessons’ I will hopefully have a stronger foundation and will use this method as ttmik posts more lessons on different patterns and particles.  If it works or not I will be honest with myself and post the results here.

Here’s to a better 2011 with Korean!!!!



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