Anki problems…..

I do not like to update/upgrade once things are going smoothly due to not knowing how that may effect my work flow.  Since my computer was rebuilt and I reinstalled most of my programs I installed anki and without thinking very deeply clicked on upgrade my deck which is undoable and my anki backups were no where to be found.

It’s still an ongoing thing as I search anki support forums.  The number due and times never seem to match when moving media to my itouch.  The new anki doesn’t rename your media when you import it and then compress doesn’t like the fact that most of the media has korean characters which meant than I had to get winzip to compress the folder,  blahhhh blahhh blahhh.  When will I ever learn not to upgrade.

Well one good thing reimaging my computer I’ve been going through many of my bookmarks in IE and visited some sites I have been to in along time.  Being from the chicagoland area there used to be a channel that broadcast korean programming over the airwaves but seems to be no more.  There was even a chicago korean drama fan club that followed the many dramas.  I went to their site and now will be unveiling a new site this month.

They will be following mainly material on  Nice site that sometimes gives me info on happenings on korean stuff going on around chicago area which is helpful.  Will have to check out what their site looks like on the 14th of this month.

Now back to my troubleshooting of my anki decks……………..




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