TTMIK Purchases

I’ve tried to buy some stuff from a couple of times in the last few months and recently saw in my email which is only used for paypal that Hyunwoo Sun sent me an email way after I had tried to purchase some items from their store they are having problems receiving payments because of the fact they also receive donations.

Sounds like something the US government is throwing at them but it’s also funny that although I’m not that interested in some of the items I’m trying to purchase I AM TRYING TO SUPPORT THEM and in my last 2 attempts to purchase something from their store I was not able to.  Arghhhhhh….I do love their lessons and want to help them out but this is funny to say the least.

Hopefully I can find a way to get some of these items I’m trying to purchase from them to make it easier for them to continue their great lessons!  My anki issues have persisted to a point.  From their forums a version 2.0 is near.  I really wish I had never upgraded to the new version but I’m close to having my problems resovled and don’t look forward to anything after getting my problems resolved in upgrading.  There better be a extremely good reason to go to version 2.0 before I even consider it.

My anki and grammar patterns have been working out good so far and I’m going to post another item on it to record my current study methods soon.



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