Deliberate Learning

A while back I found some interesting articles by and on a polyglot named ‘Luca’.  His website  has I think some useful information on language learning techniques.

I really liked his one video which is posted on youtube for which a link is found on his site above on how he broke up the stages of learning a language.  I have found it to fit how finally I am going about it in that deliberate learning occures in the elmentary and intermidate phases.

I do find that the act of how to learn a language to be very confusing as to all the different ways people describe on websites, forums and such but as much as I tried to avoid studying ‘grammar’ it seems to be the only thing helping me make progress.  I don’t think of grammar or try to go over when an author starts talking in complicated vocabulary and terms but simply try to get patterns and example sentences (with audio is always nice too).

Nice job Luca with your website.  I have found it very helpful!


2 thoughts on “Deliberate Learning

  1. Thanks for posting my video on your blog. I had promised to make 3 more videos to explain how each phase works and what to do, but other committments took priority. I am definitely willing to find some time in the near future to expand the concepts that I briefly described above. Once again, thanks for sharing 🙂 Luca

    1. If you get more videos explaining in futher detail that would be awesome! Found a number of your posts very helpful in my language learning adventures. Hope to hear more on your techniques in the future!!

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