NAVER – 지도

I really like google’s street view if you ever played around with it.  When can go to most place’s in the united states and see an actual street level view from the ‘google van’ that went around driving up and down on the streets recording the view.

The best you could get in the past for korea was google earth which was cool for an hour but I don’t know how long it’s been available but has done what google did but for portions of south korea.

If you click on the one icon near the top right corner that has new on it and then drag it on the map where it high lights are in blue you are then brought down to a street view.  Very cool!  And the quality of zooming in is much better than google’s street view.

When viewing the screen as above you can click on the arrow to move forward and backwards and also you are able to view all around your point of reference …up down…etc and then zoom in on areas with a great level of detail.

I’ve found the korean relatives house, found many places I have visited and what I like is since it’s on your computer and you can now kinda of stare at a storefront for example and learn what the signs are saying as opposed to when actually traveling and you only get some brief moments to ask someone what something means.

Check it out and visit korea virtually if you haven’t been there before!


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