Learning with Texts

Saw some posts over the weekend at http://how-to-learn-any-language.com on learning with texts.  Some gentlemen created software for his own personal language learning needs and has recently started sharing it.

http://lwt.sourceforge.net/info.htm is the site and it looks very promising.  It’s almost at version 1.0 and needs some software installed like Xampp which being a computer geek I’ve played with and installed a couple of times in the past.

Some of the bullet points on the site are:

Learning with Texts (LWT)is a tool for Language Learning, inspired by:

I took alook at the screenshots posted and am interested in how well it works.  Going to install and try it out as soon as he releases version 1.0 which at the change rate I see on his site should be in the next couple of weeks hopefully.

On another note Web blogs for people learning korean come and go.  I wish I knew how to speak korean and could post on how to go about it but this site is strickly for me to post progress updates and whatever else jump’s into my head.

http://hangukdrama.wordpress.com/  is one site I’ve read for awhile now and the girl there is picking up some steam and really now has a kick butt web blog going on.  Always seem to find useful tips there and I like how dedicated she is.

There is a section she’s posted on some tools useful in language learning which I want to  check out.


I plan on reading a bit further as I just saw them late last night before going to bed and don’t want to spend too much time this week with work and squeezing in korean study time.  Oh well this quick post is basically for me not to forget about these items till later when I can further on them.




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