LWT Project

LWT – Learning with Texts project which I talked about last time is pretty cool from what I’ve read and the screencast I watched on it over at – https://sourceforge.net/projects/lwt/.  I started the install this week.  Even though you have install a product like xampp onto your system it’s not that hard.  It puts a mysql database and a web server running which LWT uses.

I did run into a port conflict which in reading the FAQ’s it was mentioned that skype could possibly use the one port also and following the directions I changed the options in skype which I was running and then the web server started up ok.

But for the life of me I couldn’t find on the internet the correct regular expression that would determine korean characters correctly and I was alittle upset about that.  Well after posting at the help site for LWT , some tweets to try and get the author’s attention, I finally got him on the thread of this product over at how to learn any foreign lanaguage forums and bam he gives the correct regexp that worked!!!  So easy when you know what you’re doing I guess…lol.  Below is straight from the author’s mouth on how to setup LWT for korean language learning purposes.



Character Substitutions: Default

RegExp Split Sentences: like the Chinese example

RegExp Word Characters:

Make each character a word:
(You must insert a space between words and after punctuation.)

Remove spaces:
Yes or No (as you like)

Good luck.


I had everything set ok but that RegExp Word Characters: 가-힣ᄀ-ᇂ.  I also put into one of the dictionary url’s the search url for naver which alot of us use –


So what does all this mean?  Nothing unless you try out the program LWT.  What is LWT?  Read my previous post from this one or read the author’s site….but I’m excited to try this out since performance alone has been one of the biggest reasons I do not use a site like lingq.com.  The multiple times I have because I always liked the look of what they offered I seem to hit the snag of reading text over the internet and the performance of their database and I would give up.  But now with something similar in this project and great performance I’m excited to start putting in some korean reading material and see if this is something I can utilize going forward.


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