One night in Seoul

A family member asked me what that picture was I currently have on my blog near the top and I said it’s just a crop of a picture from a night in Seoul(2009) that I took.  It was near one of the markets but being a male with the intentions of taking hundreds of pictures and of course I will categorize them along with detailed descriptions to where and when and stuff like that happened….yeah basically I did jack after taking the pics.

Here’s the pictures everyone!  Ok wife you’ll have to explain what we’re looking at. LOL….is basically how it goes when we get back from a visit to korea and showing pics to the family.  Well in reality alot of times I know something of where we are at in pictures but hopefully the next time we go over…I’ll be………somewhat functional in korean.  I hope! ANDDDDD do a better job putting descriptions with pics.

My picture for the top of my blog at the moment

I love the neon lights at night in Seoul.  I’ve never been to Las Vegas but I have been to Times Square in New York and it’s so beautiful at night.  In Seoul it’s like Time’s Square but like everywhere!

Another great pic at night in Seoul

If I can remember correctly this is me on our way to Seoul to our hotel that one night and as I look through pictures this seems to be a common getup for me walking around Korea with a female that likes to shop…..

This next picture is me in a convenience store to the side (a couple of blocks if I remember right) of the one market we were at that night before we realized we were a tad lost.  Yeah I’m tall and the cap is for your protection as since I turned 30 the hair has been disappearing faster than (put joke here).  We were picking up some needed items such as beer, chips and some other snacks before heading back to the hotel we stayed at in Seoul.  I couldn’t believe in the back of the store how low the ceiling was.  I asked the wife to take this picture.  I’m tall but come on this ceiling is LOW!. and that back pack I have on is HEAVY!  Time of picture was around 1:00 am.  Very cool walking around the Seoul night markets!

One last picture from our night in Seoul back in 2009

Next time I will do better with picture taking and descriptions….but with gasoline prices and airplane ticket prices it may be awhile before we get back……………….


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