One Day in Seoul

Ok last time I had posted some pics from a night in Seoul back in 2009 that the wife and I had.  Great time and here’s a few pics from the day time on that very same trip.

To think just 2 short years ago even though I had made multiple attempts to learn korean I couldn’t even read this sign below – the korean part.  Arghhh how pathetic.  I can now but….


I’m not a big shopper here in the states and I’m not one in korea either BUT I do love walking around and looking while the wife shops.

The wife is somewhere down past that blue truck shopping.  I’m just always amazed at the number of motor vehicles you have to keep an eye out while walking around the shopping areas of Seoul.

Yeah don’t even ask me where the wife is in this next one.  I sometimes let the distance get maybe too far when traveling with the wife.  I mean I have no cell phone on me….have no idea really where I’m at in relations to anything of importance like the hotel or such…BUT I am 6 feet 4 inches tall so either the wife can spot me or I can catch her as I stare instensely over people’s heads looking for the one I’m married too!

So being the kind wife that I have after all the shopping and our stay in Seoul is ending we have to head back to the family’s place in Incheon.  Sooo she tells me we’re going to take a long bus ride there which I was actually looking forward too as I would get a lot of siteseeing done but while sitting down!

Our bus was somewhere outside the Seoul Station with the original one to the right of the newer one. The pic above is the older one and yes there are people passed out on the side walk there.  Guess they saw that movie in Korea called Daytime drinking.  The pic below is the new Seoul station and yours truely with the ever present backpack full of goodies.

A peek down the escalators that I took that you can see in the pic above way behind me.  Isn’t it great when learning another language and you actually enjoy reading advertisements and stuff.

Waiting for the bus and looking across the street.  Would I be able to do this without a native guide by my side?   Not with the amount of prep that I do when traveling in korea.

From my memory the bus stop was a bit down from the older seoul station and here we are waiting to catch a bus back to Incheon.

Goodbye Seoul hope to see you again one day!  Love this building design just can’t remember if it was near seoul station or what.  Gotta mark these pics that I take.   Next time….yeah right.  Always next time.


Well then …..Till next time it is …………..


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