WTF – Visits

Hmmmm….logged into the blog today and you don’t see your hit count at least with my view that I have unless you scroll down a bit.  So scrolling down a bit I do today and I thought the counter was broken.  I mean I keep meaning to put some order to this language learning blogging mess but I usually just post and exit.  Also I don’t technically speak a second language yet so this blog is really just a record of my progress.  Visits here are usually 1 sometimes 2 usually 0 most days but the chart today says like blam….upwards of 70 visits on just one day a little after the last time I posted.

Had to rub my eyes and really read it.  Couldn’t understand after more of a year of posting what in the world happened that there’s so many more visits (at least for a site like this that usually goes most days without any traffic).  Since I have dual monitors and I’m multi-tasking I’m reading Hangukdrama blog ( on her stay in Korea and on the side of her site I again had to do a double take as I saw Chicago Seoul there on the side.  Ah….now it makes sense.  She put me in her korean learners blog section.   I know Hangukdrama’s blog gets alot of well deserved attention and traffic as she put’s alot of effort into korean language learning and out of all the blog’s that I read she has one of the best!  I’m getting some glances from her site.  Now things make sense.

I’m honored to be even a mere link of other korean language learners on on your Fantastic site whether I was placed there intentionally or not…… and I’m loving your posts on your stay in korea.  Great and very useful information!  Keep it up!

2 thoughts on “WTF – Visits

    1. Thanks Hangukdrama! Your current trip to korea and your reporting on it has been awesome! You’re one of the first korean learning blogs I found and love that you’re still going strong! Keep going!

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