Weds – 9/1/11

While checking out todays lesson at I went to the store section.  The last couple of times I tried buying something it didn’t go to well.  Issues with Paypal, something about this, do this instead, whatever can’t remember.   Saw the first 10 iyagi lessons with translations (english) as a download.  Always thought that was useful as people like myself that use parallel texts when learning languages find it very helpful.

I know the koreanwikiproject has a majority of the translations for these but I went ahead and spent the huge sum of money (1.99) and heck I purchased the 24 week subscription of korean vocabulary also……I really wanted one of the SHIRTS!!!!  But they are sold out.  More shirts please!

When is this movie coming to the U.S.?  Sector 7 looks like a ‘Aliens’ type of movie along with a female lead heroine and it looks great!  When or when will it be available in the states?   I haven’t seen any selection of korean movies offered at the amctheater here in the chicago area for awhile now.  Hope they pick up this blockbuster and show it for the audience in the states.

It’s been a long dry spell for me.  There’s a number of korean dramas playing right now but none of them are interesting to me.  Need something like the drama Giant again.  That’s the last really good drama I enjoyed.  Oh well it looks like I can’t find anything tonight to watch….back to studying.


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