November Classes

Well for recording progress for what I view this site as this past November has had to be without doubt the worst month in my language learning adventure.  I took on one other computer class which was described as a 50/50 hybrid class that started near the end of Oct and goes to christmas time.  I was envisioning 50 percent of the class on the internet…..meaning less time driving to the school after work but was I wrong.  It basically means they take a regular class and condense all the content to basically 8 weeks.  Every class theres a major project due it seems.


Still I just have to make it through another few weeks.  So now I’m going to class 4 nights a week and korean has been forced to the curbside.  Arghhhhhh.  I didn’t even notice till last week that talktomeinkorean has started up another web site called  I’m falling backwards it seems and I need to stop it.  Enough whining for the night….I still have to finish something for my class tomorrow night.  Later.

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