In my last post I said I had turn off automatic renew to koreanclass101.com.  I have all of their lessons downloaded anyways it’s just not organized so well when you suck them all down through Juice (my podcast software to download stuff).  But I instead signed up for a whole year at harukorean.com.  It was a alittle bit over 60 dollars for the year.  It seems from what I can gather a sentence korean service kinda of like ling8.com.  My first impression is maybe I don’t like it that much.  The look to me doesn’t …well I don’t know.  Single sentence correction and lesson notes dropdown…not sure if I’ll use.  BUT I did sign up and supported them and I’ll play around with the site more to see how I can use it.   These guys at talktomeinkorean are the best and I love their passion for providing materials for us learning korean.  I’ve donated in the past, signed up for weekly vocab which I only downloaded once and bought some of their stuff in their store.  Hopefully harukorean will  become something just as good at their main site and I hope the little bit here and there I give helps them out.

It’s christmas weekend and I get the day off of work on monday after christmas plus taking the next day after that off so it’s a long weekend with only stuff planned for christmas day.  So it’s a long weekend and I’ll continue catching up on some blogs I follow, playing with harukorean and studying korean mostly for a change from my 2 classes at night at the local college.  Sweet!

Also found a drama (only 8 episodes though) called White Christmas.  I had bypassed this on a few occasions because I didn’t like the movie poster and had the wrong impression of what the movie was about but it’s about some kids stuck in a high school over winter break with a serial killer thrown into the mix.  My kind of combination.  So I’ll be watching that this weekend also.

It has Kim Sang Kyung in it who I’m a fan of.  Some review I read said it starts off slow but gets better as it goes. So we’ll see how it goes.   The only bad thing is I didn’t buy any gifts yet (as I usually wait to the last second anyways shopping for christmas) and I don’t like the mass crowds on christmas eve…..arghh when will I ever learn.


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