2011 – Mandatory look back

or should I be posting about what I’ll do in 2012?  I’d rather look back at 2011 and record some random thoughts on my korean language learning experience for the year as I sit at my computer on this last vacation day of 2011(I’m taking it now in 2012 as I had to work the last friday of 2011 on which I had orginally planned to take it).

I would probably rate this year a below average year for me.  Being a working adult and taking classes at night for a good part of the year didn’t help keep my focus.  I feel some months were good and others I forgot sooooo much it seems.

I remember during the first part of the year I had tried to beef up my vocabulary so much it seems that now I feel that was a big mistake.  I go through anki on my itouch and it seems alot of times(ok a ton of times) I can remember the word but can’t produce it ( I don’t have production cards in my anki deck).  Also words that aren’t for a noun say for objects, colors or such seems like a waste of time trying to  memorize this way.  I’m really beginning to doubt the usefulness of anki as I don’t feel it helped much this past year.  Not that it’s not a great product but after knowing a 1000-2000 words maybe it’s time to stop using this method.

It took up a large part of my study times as I always put in vocab with voice and picture and although I got it down doing this it still takes time and reviews were more of a chore than being helpful. Hmmmm….

Also not being able to finish things was  a big problem in 2011.  I had bought teach yourself korean book and still didn’t finish it this past year!!!

Going too fast at times and too much.  I tried doing a lesson a day from talktomekorean , kc101 and even let’s speak korean from arirang tv.  Again I seemed to be more focused on knocking out lessons but didn’t comprehend them enough so much so patterns I had studied seemed like I had never studied before and couldn’t remember a thang about them.

At times reading too much on forums about methods and techniques for learning a language and of course not enough time actually learning.

Even though I have downloaded learning with texts (a open source type lingq program) other than when I started testing it I never setup a real plan to use it though.  I want to start using it in 2012 to house my collections of readings and stop using anki so much.  Seeing words alone and not in reading materials doesn’t seem to help much.

Test your dialogues for levels one and two over at talktomeinkorean.com was awesome and for 2012 I hope they take that concept and expand on it.  They took sentence patterns and vocab from both levels and did a couple of minute dialogues with them.  That idea is fantastic and I’ve always though if you teach patterns and vocab there should be some type of real life dialogue to go along with them that you can listen to alot.  That kinda of goes down the idea’s of comprehensible input put forth by some great linguists.    Here’s hoping they start using that concept for all their levels.

Hmmmm anything else….. probably…….but enough for this post at least.  I do want to spend part of my vacation day looking at what I should do for 2012 and make this a better year in my korean language learning journey.

Here’s to 2012!


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