Updated Blog Look

So even after I wrote in my last post not just a few hours ago about getting distracted at times here I am updating the look of this blog!  But it’s a new year and I need some cosmetic changes to this site for 2012.

I tried a bunch of new pics for the top of the site (doesn’t wordpress have a preview feature …..or maybe it’s this theme I chose where I had to upload the pic and then save to actually see what it looked like) but finally chose the one on there now.  My father in law ran a real estate office and when we would go to visit him there were many times a older gentlemen sitting staring out the window of the office.  A very nice man who is a good friend of the father in law and I took this picture of what it looked like out this window.

The office was basically a one man shop, it was old and rundown but I guess functional.  Here’s a pic from the outside.  The place with the door open is where my father in law came to work everyday.

Father's Real Estate Office

Below is a picture standing outside on the corner of where the father in law’s office is.  It’s evening and raining in this picture.

Outside Father's office

 Next is the view looking across the street from the father in law’s office but to the right this time and it’s daytime again.

View across the street from Father in Law's office

 Well that’s enough for now.  I guess I should create some catagories but I’ll leave that for later.  Enough work on the blog for today.



4 thoughts on “Updated Blog Look

    1. I try to blog on my progress but I don’t always have much progress to blog….lol. I hope you have a great 2012 also!
      Keep up the great work on your blog. It’s a inspiration to many of us korean language learners!

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