Variety of Tastes

It’s a snowy Saturaday here in the midwest of the United States as I sit at my computer reading some korean language learning blogs and looking for some korean stuff to watch.  It amazes me the wide variety of people’s take on korean dramas and movies.  I watched the 2 first episodes of ‘History of a Salaryman’ on  It stars a number of actors and is from the people that made ‘Giant’.  Wow the last drama I watched earlier in 2011 that I was addicted to.  ‘Giant’ was AWESOME!  I work full time, have a long commute home, blah blah blah, but while watching the 60 episodes I was addicated and  would sometimes start watching when the wife went to bed and stayed up till early hours getting in as many episodes as possible.  Now that was a great blockbuster drama!

‘History of a Salaryman’ has a number of good reviews and there’s a great number of people that like it.  I am not one of those.  After only 2 episodes it seems in my view a bust.  If you want to know what it’s about or preview some of the episodes go to and see if you like it.  I did some google’ing and found some sites with reviews as mine that’s it is not very good but it’s that wide difference in taste that amazes me……..some like it, some love it and some don’t….. but that can also be good in another sense.

History of a Salaryman

Back in Korea there were certain people I had encountered (I won’t name who they were) that actually pushed me to like what they did. I told the wife what is everybody in korea a robot and they all have to like the same food for example.  There’s no differences I asked.  When having a family dinner everybody has to like the exact same things?

There was a moment where I was consistenly being pushed by someone to try this or that and would give me a look if I didn’t like it or want to try it.  It finally stopped (not sure if it was the best thing to do but I was far past the point of being irritated with the guy) when I took the cup of ‘something’ he had given me and just blindly wanted me to try it without telling me what it was and I took it and dumped it in the sink in his presence and walked by him without looking at him.  No other forms of politeness seem to work on him and like a bully trying to shape someone to be like them I had to express that I wasn’t taking it anymore.  This was not a common occurance by any means in my visits to korea but occasionally it happened.

The most common experience with others was the exact opposite.  The fact that I tried communicating in korean, was there in korea in person (the wife has some friends who are like her….married to an american and those guys are basically afraid to go to there because of the language barriers),  loved the country as a whole……they loved it and were super cool with me.  I found most including my father in law who in many ways is a elderly korean gentlemen well versed in korean manners totally cool with the differences in having his daughter married to a guy from the states.  Sitting with the father in law with 5 or 6 of his friends at his office was great.  They loved trying to communicate with me and were the exact opposite of the expierence I felt from one certain person as they tried their best to make me feel comfortable and at times tried to find out what I like and ordered pizza for example.  Totally cool guys my father in law and his friends.  Pizza and soju…..awesome times.  Even though korea is branching out and experiencing all these differences in exposure to different cultures there may be some that are resistant to it but at the same time so many that are open to it.  I mean when it comes down to it who doesn’t like great foods from another culture at times.  Being from the states that’s all we have in a sense.  A melting pot of different cultures, foods, and such.  The variety we have in people’s liking of foods, movies/tv I think is a good thing.

But coming back down to earth in my long winded rant …..I sit here this morning trying to find some dramas to watch and I do realize I’m picky at times but whether that’s good or bad thing I don’t know.  Most of the drams I’m looking at on dramafever don’t look that good.  I may try some of them.  ‘Sector 7’ the last movie the wife and I watched at the movie theater here in the states a few months ago….cough cough su@(ck&*ed.  The acting as horrible, the story was tough, editing was bad and all along I thought this movie which looked like a korean version of ‘Aliens’ was going to be great.  I guess some people found it to their liking but with the wife almost snoring as she was drifiting off in the theater and me all I could think was when this is going to end the differences in everybodys tastes never ceases to amaze me!

So the variety of tastes I think is a good thing.  I respect people’s takes on different matters and if they like a movie for example that I don’t….well good for them.  But I seem to be picky in what I like watching as I said but in one sense that’s ok.  Variety of people’s likes makes this world a great place.


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