My Language Notebook

I’ve read that many language learners keep a notebook(s) of some type but I guess since I’m so used to typing instead of writing that I could never seem to keep one going writing it out by hand.  Instead I have created one on my computer where I type out notes and stuff instead of writing it out.  And even though I have forgone using anki for vocabulary and sentences….I have kept one deck going.   That deck is a grammer or sentence pattern one where I for the most part have put lessons into.  I find this method much easier than writing out notes and provides a nice lesson break down which I periodically go over and study.

It’s a work in progress and in the beginning I didn’t have an index but after entering a number of patterns I figured I better create one to keep a handle on things.


Then each index GR_xx corresponds to a simple template I created where I input notes from each lesson I study.


The index GR_xxx corresponds to this section in the above picture and then a tag usually from a website lesson (sometimes, sometimes another source) is also noted.  In this section I put some of the highlights of the lesson, construction, notes and example sentences.  Then the example sentences I put into a anki deck along with the audio and again……. the tags correspond to anki tags I have given in the deck which match the tags in my notebook.

Since I listen to new lessons through audacity it’s not much effort to slice sentences out which when I review a lesson in my notebook I can also hear the exact pronouncation of it from the likes of Hyunwoo or Kyeong-eun.


It’s pretty easy then when reviewing material to bring up that section in anki to also review with audio if I want.  I used to use the scheduling of anki when to review a section but I haven’t been very consistent in how I review material.

Right or wrong that’s what my language learning notebook has evolved into.  Until next time……….


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