I’ve been having trouble with korean television programming since Tan-TV folded shop and directv took over.  I didn’t want to pay even more with directv (and I’ve never been a fan of satellite tv where when you want to watch tv the most on snowy or rainy days ….you lose the signal and I have to pay even more money for it now!) and some other packages like dishtv….korean iptv….watching tv for long period of times on the computer…argh

The one channel available on regular tv in chicagolang area is arirang channel and I don’t like it much, so after much research I’m trying the Roku streaming device which will stream video directly from a internet connection.  It’s popular with netflix users but seems to be growing alot and for 89 dollars at the bestbuy by me so I broke down and bought it.  I also don’t have a ps3, xbox360 or some other device I could try using… so for the money it’s not too bad.  I’ve already hooked it up and it was a breeze setting up.  The model I bought accepts a direct ethernet connection but I just tried the wireless connection and have been impressed at how well it buffers the video.  Awesome stuff.

The two main korean channels you can put on the roku device is dramafever and kdrama(crunchyroll).  I’ve watched many a drama from these 2 sites but wow I’m impressed tonight with how well it’s working on the big screen (well my 32 inch tv) compared to watching it on my computer monitor.  Sitting on a couch and watching a korean drama is so much better.  I’ll probably try to get some additional korean tv going through the roku device this weekend (one I would like to get is korean channels).  We’ll see how that goes but for now I’m liking the purchase.

Till next time……


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