This week I started seeing a link on’s website for a new website called  Checking it out this weekend and poking around I find it’s being run by Keith Kim from  Wow haven’t seen him around in a long time ….well if he’s been around I don’t know what he was doing…but it’s great seeing this new website from him.  Simplifying korea one tip at a time.  Nice.  Looks like it will be great as I love the insights that hangukdrama posts about things in korea and with Keith living over there now I’m sure he’s going to post a number of great insights also.

It brings back great memories of Keith when I first started listenging to his original podcasts.  I remember what a great start kc101 had with Keith and Seol with their playful banter back and forth.  That partnership really broke the mold of how to present language learning material to others and it continues today with Hyunwoo and Gyeong-eun’s  great chemistry at  It’s a blast seeing Keith around again.

Keith was awesome in kc101’s start and it’s great seeing him around again.  Hope takes off!  I need all the tips I can get on korea before going back over there one day.




3 thoughts on “Seoulistic

  1. I found you through a curious (and possibly vain) google search for

    Thanks for all the kind words, they really mean a lot! And I really appreciate you taking the time to post about it. I hope you continue to check it out every now and then. Hopefully there’ll be some useful information for you up there 🙂

    Good luck with your Korean studies!

    1. No problem Keith. Glad to see you around. If I ever get back to Korea (I’m only coming back if I become fluent in korea…well speak somewhat in korean…maybe can say more than stock phrases…whatever) I would definetly like to meet the team at and you. You had a big impact on korean language learners looking for decent material and lessons and you came through big time. Good Luck with the website!!

      Steve (ChicagoSeoul)

      ps – If you want a banner to your site on my blog let me know. Anything to help out someone who’s provided so much help to us korean language learners!

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