Korean Language Notebook – 2

One thing I feel up to recently is that reviewing learnt material has been a major weakpoint.  In the rush to learn korean I feel I moved to fast in going through lessons but didn’t revisit previous material enough.

Since my last post on my korean language notebook I take it with me to work and usually spend lunch reviewing items.  It’s been working out well and I like my notebook but I DID notice that it was getting very messy and looked pretty darn confusing for a number of items.  My screenshots I posted in the last post on the notebook were the better ones.  As I did reviews at lunch I realized before this thing got too big I should give it a overhaul.

I redid the table format I used.  Standardized on formatting and created a cleaner table of contents.  Needed?  Not sure 100 percent but it bothered me enough that I started last night.  I figure it should be converted over sometime this weekend.

korean_Notebook 1
korean_Notebook 1

Table of contents with a improved grid system and same format in itself is easier on the eyes.

korean_Notebook 2
korean_Notebook 2

Well I seemed to have encountered a technical gliche.  I had alot posted after this point but seemed to have lost it.  Well in short I had to modify above to sync correctly with my anki korean pattern deck that I still maintain but it’s more just being tedious than being hard to do.  Hopefully I’ll be done by this weekend.



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