Hmmmm…..things not working out, going wrong, unplanned events of the most inconvenient timing imaginable….yup we all have them and for the last few months I have been living in the post title to the max.  This is a venting post so please stop reading if you don’t want to hear me vent.

IT Outsourcing.  The scurge of the world of IT (information technology) to which I belong.  Haven’t said anything on it but it’s been going in my life for awhile.   Going into the vice president office with my team and being told none of us would be retained.  Nice way of saying you’re out of here …..as soon as you train the outsourcers how to do your job.  Almost on a daily basis we could write material for dilbert comic strip …..or maybe we could write a few episodes for ‘The office’. 

Job hunting and learning another language don’t go well together or the thought of financial disaster of not paying the mortgage and learning more of your second level language aren’t things that play together well.  Well they offered me a another position at my company and it requires learning JBOSS.  Cool (same environment though) but again time consuming but a good skill to learn.  Need to get a bunch of virtual servers going on my only computer at home for which I’m going to simulate some of the JBOSS environments at work there and that means I need more memory which I had already planned in advance.  My motherboard can accept up to 16gb of memory and a nice sale at 99 dollars made this a no-brainer.  Well when you’re operating in fubar mode though that means things can’t go that smoothly.  All the specs on the motherboard are false and 2 weeks of dealing with the maker of this board for which I could  provide more material for Dilbert or the office tv series….. they said they would send me a different board that can accept the memory.  Have to return the various set’s of memory the tech support people kindly told me would work before I get stuck with the full bill on them and now I sent in my original motherboard back and have to wait for the slow UPS ground to get it there and than wait for replacement board and by that time we will be into 3rd or 4th week of not having my computer up and running.  What about the original memory you ask?  Well with having popped that memory out a couple of dozens time’s at direction of tech support I broke one and the other stick of memory seemed to have crapped out and won’t work.

People either leaving work as they get new positions elsewhere or seeing people being told to pack up as soon as they walk in the morning (ok we can let you go today as that outsourcing group says they can do your job now) makes for a very stressful envionment.  The IT staff at my place is large and up to a hundred are being effected in round 1 with probably more to come in round 2….then probably more in round 3.  Good to stay or not?  Well I get to learn some hot technology so I’ll stay for now….but down the road who knows.

Did I mention how the wife ‘accidentally’ broke her laptop screen for which it is way long off of warranty and my second monitor hears that news and decides to join the bandwagon and not work anymore.  As I write this on a 13 inch screen of a laptop I borrowed from work I hope we have bottomed out with things all going wrong at once and I can get back into the flow of korean language learning that I had going.  To be back in college again I could have done so many things differently like study korean while taking the train every day to downtown chicago for example (where I went to college).  But I will either learn korean or else … so I must get through these difficult times.

As a last piece of venting as I checked out my blog tonight I see for the first time something I had never seen before….AD’s!!!!  WTF!  They’re only on certain posts but I  don’t want no stinking ad’s on my site unless I put them there or if they’re at least in korean.  Get a few people visiting your site nowadays and then this happens.  I have to actually sit down and look at wordpress and learn how to use it better.  The one video ad on one of my posts is like for a Ford truck.  It’s not even a korean car maker!  They’ve got to go!


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