Korean Zombie

So my replacement motherboard arrived today.  Always wonder what would happen if someone takes a mid size box from your front porch.  The ups guy didn’t even try to put the package in between the door and the screen door.  But I have it open.  Need to go and find a processor for it now.  Hopefully will have my main computer back up and running.  Although I like stuff like the ipad, laptops , itouch (no I don’t have any iphones ….yet) I’m a dual, maybe triple big screen monitor of a computer person.

Study routines utilize different monitors, watching korean video on one monitor while doing something else on the main one, everything’s been messed up with my main computer down for awhile now.  Never been without a primary computer for any period of time and didn’t realize how dependent I’m on it.  We’ll see (keeping my fingers crossed) I can get everything running ok in the next couple of days.

Checking out the weigh in video for tomorrow nights UFC on Fuel mma card it’s cool to see a korean athlete headlining the card.


Jung Chan-Sung is a tough fighter and I’ll be rooting for him tomorrow night.  With the featherweights new to the UFC I don’t know much about many of the guys but with a cool nick name like the Korean Zombie and the fact I’m learning korean I know who he is and am a big fan.  Good luck tomorrow night there Korean Zombie!


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