Summer Time Progress

Well it’s turning out to be quite a summer.  Being let go from work, them giving me a new position, don’t know how to do said position, said position is a new product using an application server called JBOSS, don’t know jboss or the application designed to run on it, and oh you’re admin now of all this mess and by the way the temp admin in India that’s supposed to handle till I can get up to speed never responds (well mostly never).

Well not the type of info I would like to post but again it’s what is happening and it’s effecting my korean language learning to no end.  It’s a crazy time at the moment and progress in korean has grinded to a halt almost in the last month.  Had to go to the companies home office for 2 weeks and came back this week.  Working on a down environment most of today but taking a break so I at least post something on this blog in June.

That’s it.


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