Washington DC

Well here I am in Washington DC this lovely morning.  Well right next to Washington DC in Reston VA.  Here for the week for training which I think almost brought down my company who normally 99.9 percent of the time do not want to spend a dime on training even though us tech’s handle some very complex technologies.  This new job is taking up way too much time than I would like so as I sit in my hotel room I already had 2 cups of coffee so instead of blowing it while I had 2 weeks in Georgia just recently and not studying at all I’m going through some korean lessons on talktomeinkorean.com.  I still have to wait another half hour for the shuttle to take me to the place where I will get training so I think I can knock out another lesson.

I’m not a morning person but I don’t want to go for another stretch and not study.  I flew in yesterday to one of the worst heat waves washington has gone through but I ended up watching some korean shows on my laptop….but I still watched an episode of True Blood which I’ve never watched before as I don’t have HBO. 

Well onto a lesson and then off to class for all day.  It’s a hot morning already here in the nation’s capital.


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